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Leftover Red Wine

If the bottle is less than two days old, use it for poaching fruit e.g. fresh pears. Recently opened wine can be used to marinate strawberries. Rinse and slice berries. Put in bowl, sprinkle with sugar. Pour wine over the berries and refrigerate for several hours. Serve with pancakes, flan or vanilla ice cream.

Turn your leftover red wine into mulled red wine syrup and drizzle it over chocolate desserts, citrus fruits, and duck, or fold into Greek-style yogurt. Or make mulled wine to keep you in a festive spirit until spring.

You can use opened wine for sangria. Just pour in a pitcher, add some sliced fruit (apples, oranges, limes, pears, plums, or berries), several spoons of sugar, lime juice or triple sec - even brandy. Stir and put in fridge for several hours and add club soda when serving.

You can add red wine to any cooked beef such as beef stew, beef bourguignon, etc.

If your wine is open more than a week, make a salad dressing. Use the wine instead of balsamic. A simple recipe is one part wine, two parts olive oil with salt and pepper to taste.

You can also freeze your leftover red wine in reusable freezer bags and break off what you need for that great cooking experience.


Leftover White Wine

Use your white wine in your seafood recipes - such as mussels, grilled fish, shrimp, or scampi. Recipes for cream sauces bechamel or beurre blanc are improved with a splash of white wine.