Coopers Irish Stout

Irish Stout
Rich and dark with coffee, chocolate and licorice aromas. To think of all that silky, smooth, malted, roasty-ness without licking your lips is impossible.

Cooper's Canadian Blonde

Canadian Blonde
Clean, pale malt flavours, a light bodied palate with malt aromas and a hint of spicy hops. A pale straw coloured beer... your cure to have more fun with.

Cooper's Classic Dark Ale

Classic Dark Ale
A generous mouthfeel dominated by roasted malt flavours, wrapped up in a rich mahogany colour and capped off with a creamy head.

Cooper's Pilsner

Don’t let the pale, straw colour fool you. This classic pilsener has a bold, spicy Saaz hop aroma. It’s crisp and dry with a cleansing bitterness.

Cooper's India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale
A strong, robust ale with bold malt characters with very high hopping levels. It carries all the hallmarks of a genuine India Pale Ale from the ‘Mother Land’, just like the one first brewed in 1868 by Coopers.

Cooper's Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer
Considered to be the ‘champagne of beers’ by many. Pale, cloudy and refreshingly spritzy with a delicious creamy frothiness.

Cooper's Lager

A true blue Aussie lager with plenty of character. Light to medium palate with subtle malt and hop flavours. A clear finish and inviting golden-straw colour.

Cooper's Real Ale

Real Ale
Traditional ale like it should be – bright golden colour, strong head, generous mouthfeel and a moderately bitter finish.

Cooper's Draught

Delicately hoppy with a slight bitter finish, this light, yellow-gold brew with a packed white head delivers a medium bodied palate and floral nose.

Cooper's Stout

Dark brown with a cappuccino-like, persistent creamy head. Dark and malty with a blend of coffee and chocolate aromas. Bring on winter.

Cooper's English Bitter

English Bitter
A coppery-brown colour with hues of red, a creamy head, floral aroma and a blend of toasty-sweet malt flavours that’ll have you transported back to the early 1800s. By eck, it’s grand.

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