The Big & Easy Bottle Brew

The Big & Easy Bottle Brew



Perfect beer every time!

This is a totally new and different home brewing kit.
It is a revolutionary, easy way to make your own Premium beer at home without any equipment or brewing knowledge. No cleaning, mixing or transferring necessary. Imagine, taking home and making the equivalent of a 6 pack!

This new and innovative product is professionally brewed and bottled in a micro brewery using only the best selected barley malt, imported hops and purified water. It is NOT made from malt concentrate!

The final alcohol content of your beer is approximately 5%.

Comes in either Premium Pilsner, Red Lager or Mexican Cerveza

The Big & Easy Brown Ale

This Brown Ale is brewed with 4 different malts, Pale Malt, Caristan Malt, Munich Malt and Chocolate Malt giving it a unique and full bodied flavour. Deep Hazelnut brown in colour, this beer has a malty, nutty flavour.

The Brown Ale is unique with 2 ‘pills’ required to brew the beer. The first being the traditional yeast ‘pill’ and the second being essential hop oil compound of the Cascade hops.

These hop oil compounds contribute to a complex and hoppy character. The microbubble dispersion of the hop oils promotes the maximum absorption of flavour and aroma components into the brew.

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